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We are adding TOSIBOX to our product portfolio!-0

We are adding TOSIBOX to our product portfolio!

2021-09-14 13:49:26

 We have signed a cooperation agreement and become the authorized representative in the Baltic States for the Finnish manufacturer TOSIBOX.

TOSIBOX stands out with its range of specialized industrial IT products and capabilities. The developed remote access solutions and products are recognized as the most convenient, secure and economically advantageous both on a global scale and in the Baltics and Scandinavia.

At the moment, this is clearly one of the best solutions available on the world market to realize:

  • Network remote control and monitoring.

Devices in different locations can be remotely monitored around the clock. 24/7 service is crucial in providing better response time and a higher level of service.

  • Remote data storage and retrieval.

Operational networks allow the collection of data, which is then analyzed for various purposes, such as product development, optimization of factory operations, including inventory management and quality.

  • Remote access to equipment and systems.

OT networks allow you to predict equipment failures and organize remote maintenance.

The Project Department of LASMA team has also recognized this as the most successful solution that has had to face so far.

When starting the cooperation, we have also supplemented our warehouse assortment with the most popular models, including various types of Starter Kits, which provide an opportunity to get to know and try the products in action.

Our common journey with TOSIBOX has just begun. It promises to be quite interesting and exciting, as it will provide an opportunity to offer a new segment of products, organize trainings and provide daily support.

If you want to know more or try one of the TOSIBOX devices, feel free to contact our managers at LASMA

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