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Spare parts supply

Spare parts supply

Team of STC "Lāsma" can offer the most optimal solution for necessary spare parts, immediately responding to the Client's request.

We offer our Clients in collaboration with our specialists to develop a list of particular parts, plan the necessary amount and payment schedule. According to the agreement we procide the Client with the necessary spare parts within few hours 24/7, 365 days a year. Client benefits: less downtime, less inventory in the warehouse, more even cash flow and expenses, being able to write off expenses immediately in financial accounting.

Client collaboration models
Procurement of necessary spare parts at the Client's request, using supply channels from all over the world, which have been created through the many years of work.

Client benefits: original spare parts from the manufacturer at a favorable price and delivery time.
Replacement of necessary spare parts - matching of analogous product, using our extensive or manufacturer's represented by us storage stock. 

Client benefits: more favourable price and delivery time.
Spare parts repair. Our electronics specialists will perform defectation and repair of damaged parts or will provide alternative choice.

Client benefits: the fastest possible temporary solution in crisis situations, to prevent equipment downtime.

Maintenance of necessary spare parts storage. "Lāsma" has launched development and implementation of new service to the clients: identifying regular needs of the Client for particular automation spare parts, we optimize the Client spare part storage inventory and its costs.

How our offer is made:
  • research
  • offer
  • agreement
  • inventory maintenance
  • spare part delivery
Lusine Oganesjana
Lusine Oganesjana
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